Throughout life we live, learn, love and age. We change. Our body changes. Perhaps we have children, a life-changing experiencing both mentally and psychically. Perhaps we just want to feel womanly. Beautiful. We believe true beauty comes from within, but we also believe in bringing it out.

Ipomia adds a little love and care to your new shape  – and enhances the beautiful woman you are.

Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Cecilia Kadar. The idea of Ipomia came to me as a mother of three children, just about to turn 40. Three fantastic children had changed my life, but also changed my body.  Despite a healthy lifestyle and rigorous workout routine – after three children there’s a certain part of your body this is harder regain. Your breasts.

Vanity aside, I decided to restore my breasts to what they once were, to regain confidence as a woman and feel more like myself again.  In 2011, I had a breast augmentation at Akademikliniken in Stockholm, with beautiful results. My surgeon Riika Velthem had made me feel at ease and recreated my former bustline with great results.

Post augmentation, I was introduced to a new world of lingerie. Practical, supportive, and much needed. But oh so boring. For three months, my new bust was hidden in dull sports bras, hard to cover up. It was warm and uncomfortable and certainly did not complement my new shape. Sick of training bras or covering sports bras, I decided to create what I wanted. Beautiful, sensual bras, with the same support and comfort as the medical bras on the market. Bras comfortable and supportive to be worn form day one, right after augmentation, and beautiful and sensual enough for every day after that.

My surgeon Riika confirmed the need and desire on the market. Many women had come to the clinic for advice on practical bras that would give the right support. With the idea of combining practicalities with sensual design, we contacted the talented designer Melika Zavareh, and together we further developed our idea with the founder of Akademiklinken, Per Hedén.

Ipomia soon saw the light of day. A name inspired by the flower Morning Glory and its Latin name IPOMOEA, which means “attach myself to you/affection”, stemming from the leafs that cover and protect the flower. And just like that, our mission is to be a leading global lingerie brand for women who have undergone breasts augmentation, with quality, design, function and fit as our guiding lights.

With our background in entreprenuring, design, plastic surgery and customer service, we believe we can spearhead this category.  Welcome to the world of Ipomia – for your new shape.

Cecilia Kadar