Ipomia is not just another post-op bra, it’s a fashion brand with a whole collection of designed bras specially made for implants. 

We are on a mission to introduce lingerie that are designed in an innovative way to support women throughout the healing process and beyond with a sensual collection of styles that offer a perfect fit and comfort for one’s new shape.

By providing your patients with Ipomia’s post-op bras you will achieve a higher customer satisfaction and revenue.

Developed together with plastic surgeons

All Ipomia’s bras are developed in co-operation with world leading plastic surgeons and have fabrics including Aloe Vera and Bamboo which is both antibacterial and environmentally friendly.

Dr. Per Hedén
MD, PhD , Associate Professor in Plastic SURGERY &  CO-FOUNDER IPOMIA

Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Bradley Calobrace

Louisville, KY, U.S.A


At Akademikliniken in Stockholm, Sweden there is an Ipomia shop in the reception. 

There are several ways for you to work as a partner clinic to Ipomia

  • Offer Ipomias post-surgery bras to your patients
  •  Include any of the designed post-surgery bras in the surgery to increase customer satisfaction
  • Sell the designed post-op bras at the clinic to your patients as an extra service (Bild shop in shop Akademikliniken) (Bildtext: Akademikliniken in Stockholms bra shop at the reception creates a nicer atmosphere and gives extra revenue)
  • Drop shipping – provide your patients with a discount code and direct them to Ipomia.com – the sales are marked as yours!
  • Smooth transition – training & support for the staff

“I was so tired of using a sports bra after my augmentation. Then my surgeon told me of Ipomia and this new beautiful healing bra. I loved it from the day I got it! It’s comfortable, looks nice and feels safe. I’d definatly recommend this!” Karen L, Texas

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